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Web Archive: Duelling Hilt Rapier from the Swordplay Alliance .

Mr. Floyd's informed instruction techniques and philosophies enable anyone to learn this modern approach to the Duel of Honor, and allow us to enjoy fully the romanticism, craftsmanship and art of our ancestors. We study and embrace customs and traditions that add dignity and honor to our daily lives. We build confidence, physical strength and a sense of chivalry.


eGroup: Twilight En Garde! Players take the part of 17th century French gentlemen, dueling and carousing their way to the top of the social ladder! The site may be broken.

eGroup: Duel. Unofficial discussion of the Reality Simulations, Inc. play-by-mail game Duelmasters.

Orleans En Garde! A play-by-email game of swordplay and duelling.


Amazon. The Book of the Sword by Richard Francis Burton, one of the best swordsmen of his day. For more information on Burton visit my Sir Richard Burton on the Web.

"The Dubious Quick Kill: Sword wounds and the circulatory system" by Maestro Frank Lurz. It's not so easy to kill a man with a sword. Courtesy Classical Fencing ("In Ferro Veritas"), a rich fencing site.

Fencing FAQ by Morgan Burke. There's a lot of such information out there. I picked this one because I like its handling of questions like "How is modern fencing different from the 'real thing'?"

Theatrical reenactment

The Ring of Steel, Ann Arbor, MI. Theatrical combat and stunt troupe.

The Ann Arbor Dueling Society.

Used books

Web Archive: Duel to the Death, by William Coleman. A collection of facts and documents relative to the death of Major-General Alexander Hamilton (NY, 1804). Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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