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Amazon. "The American Experience: The Duel."

Official site "The American Experience: The Duel." Premiered February '00. Includes a complete transcript, a detailed timeline, unaired interviews with historians, a bibliography and more.

"Burr-Hamilton Duel" by David Schwalbe,'s American History guide. Long and detailed examination.

Web Archive: "Alexander Hamilton: The Duel with Aaron Burr" by Jerome Reiter. Written in 1988 for a US History course at Mountain Lakes High School, Mountain Lakes, NJ. From The Concord Review, which collects top history essays by high school students.

Web Archive: "Dueling as Politics: Reinterpreting the Burr-Hamilton Duel" by Joanne B. Freeman for the William and Mary Quarterly, April 1996.

Details on Alexander Hamilton's son, Philip Hamilton's fatal fuel from The American Experience: The Duel, official site.

A Tragic Duel, from "This Day in History." Brief account

Web Archive: "Aaron Burr Demands Satisfaction From Alexander Hamilton" by Paul Chrastina from Old News. History article written as news. Despite the title, the article covers the duel and its aftermath.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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