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"Duels With the Sword" from The Romance of Duelling in all Times & Countries by Andrew Steinmetz (1868). Rules for sword dueling courtesy Classical Fencing ("In Ferro Veritas"), a rich fencing site.

Dueling Pistols by Omar Fletcher.

"Duels and Ordeals" from Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay (1841). Short anti-duel history of dueling, posted to answer libertarians and right-anarchists who get dewy-eyed over them. Courtesy The Anarch, whose Kaczynski interview I scorn.

"Bang! Bang! You're Dead" Dueling at the drop of a hat was as European as truffles, and as American as mom's apple pie." Longish abstract of article by Barbara Holland for Smithsonian Magazine, October 1997.

Review of Robert Baldick's The Duel: A history by Chip of

Catholic Encyclopedia, "Duel" History of the duel and the Vatican's efforts to stop the practice, by V. Cathrein.

Guide to historical sword fighting manuals from the Historical Armed Combat Association. Manuals, original and in translation mostly from the 15 and 16th centuries.

The 'Lectric Law Library's Lexicon On Duelling.

Web Archive: Brief overview of dueling Steffan O'Sullivan, from a GURPS (role-playing game) page.


A Complete Bibliography of Fencing and Duelling: As Practiced by All European Nations from the Middle Ages to the Present Day, by Carl A. Thimm (reprint of 1896 edition).

Firebird Publications Blurb.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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