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Memorials and Museums

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Hampshire, England events and sites. Hampshire, directly opposite the Normany Beaches, was a major staging area. Site includes a detailed page of places to visit and an annotated D-Day booklist.

National D-Day Museum, New Orleans

The National D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Founded by Stephen Ambrose. Opened June 6, 2000.

Tourist Article on the National D-Day Musuem by Westley Annis, New Orleans editor for Suite 101.

"Cohens Tour D-Day Museum" by Jim Garamone for the American Forces Press Service (June 6, 2000). Includes audio from AFRTS Radio Report.

The Higgins Boat Project. Completed project to built a new LCVP, the transport vehicles that landed the men on the beaches, for display at the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans.

National D-Day Memorial

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation. Planning to build a D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia by The site June 6, 2001. Includes four short

Normandy Memorials and Museums

See also Images:Contemporary Photographs.

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial American Battle Monuments Commission. Visit the American Battle Monuments Commission to search their databases for relatives who died during WWII. Detailed and graphical brochure available in pdf format.

Pointe du Hoc Ranger Monument, American Battle Monuments Commission. Visit the

Web Archive: Memorial of Caen - A Museum for peace. Confused and outdated site.

British Museums

D-Day Museum, Portsmouth, England. The closest thing to an official page I can find, this page is courtesy St. Vincent College and has hours and so forth.

Information on the Museum of D-Day Aviation, Shoreham, West Sussex.

Anniversary Tributes

See also Images:Contemporary Photographs.

Web Archive: Text of President Ronald Reagan's speech at Pointe de Hoc (40th anniversary) interneted by Jim O'Donnell. As O'Donnell points out many of Reagan's remarks, particularly about the Soviet Union, are edited from most web version of this speech. [ Also here ]

"D-Day plus 50 years" and other 50-anniversary articles by TSgt. David P. Masko for the Air Force News Service

Pictures of the 50th Anniversary celebrations at Pointe du Hoc, Normandy. Pictures and text by Vivian Corbin. See also the author's "Silent Sentinels" of Pointe du Hoc (German Atlantic Wall remains).


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