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Corgi Collectibles. D-Day cars, vans and trams (trams?).

A Review of "D-Day Operation Overlord" computer flight simulator. The reviewer hated it. There are a lot of pages on this game, but it's fairly old and I don't have the inclination to fill up my site with promotions for video games.

Normandy Allies, a non-profit organization created to perpetuate the memory of French and American sacrifices, offers summer study trips to French and American students.

D-Day Quiz courtesy Normandy Today.

Web Archive: Cedar Valley College D-Day tour. Cal Christman of Cedar Valley College will again lead a summer tour of key World War II sites and museums in Britain and Normandy.

Web Archive: 'D' in D-Day not definitely defined by The Stars and Stripes.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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