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The Story in Pictures from The Normandy Invasion, US Center for Military History. Photographs and other depictions of D-Day. Most of the images are clickable (something they don't tell you).

Web Archive: Eight excellent maps from Gordon Harrison's Cross-Channel Attack. The resolution on some could be better.

D-Day Photographs

Images from D-Day Web: The Real Normandy. Edited by Trent White.

Web Archive: Photographer Robert Capa: Real photos of Omaha Beach from's Omaha Beach: D-Day, June 6th, 1944 , which collects oodles of D-day photos.


Navy Art Collection on D-Day. Paintings, charcoal drawings and so forth from Navy artists Mitchell Jamieson, Alexander Russo and Dwight Shepler. Most are the typical, rather saccharine fare that hang on official corridors and which nobody looks at. To my eye those by Mitchell Jamieson, such as Naval Demolition Team in Action , are a cut above.

Combat artist Jamieson and others discuss their work. Transcript from "America's Defense Monitor" radio program.

Web Archive: Painting "Normandy Burial Ground" by Mitchell Jamieson. From They Drew Fire: Combat Artists from WWII (PBS Documentary).

Web Archive: Painting "Normandy Cargo" by Lawrence Beale Smith. From They Drew Fire: Combat Artists from WWII (PBS Documentary).

Amazon. They Drew Fire: Combat Artists of World War II, documentary and companion book.

Contemporary Photographs

A Tour of the Normandy Battlefields by Gerhard Rempel. Professor tours Normandy with a camera and old pictures, with side focus on Hitler's child-soldiers.

Pictures of the 50th Anniversary celebrations at Pointe du Hoc, Normandy. Pictures and text by Vivian Corbin. See also the author's "Silent Sentinels" of Pointe du Hoc (German Atlantic Wall remains).

Normandy Today by Joseph Hickman, in German, French, Italian and Spanish. I can't get this site to work, but it promises good material.


Personalized Normandy war grave videos from Forget-me-Not Video Services. The videographer is visiting Normandy and will make videos of your loved one's grave.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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