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"Shermans into ploughshares" 

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Off Road Crawlers and Carriers for the Logging & Mining Industries
Morgan Power Apparatus of Vancouver, BC, Canada (part of Morpac Industries Inc.) manufactures  "Off Road Crawlers and Carriers for the Logging & Mining Industries" using Sherman tank parts.

Great Britain

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Sherman III tractor
Source: <[email protected]>
In 1947 Sherman III T152649 was sold to Mr. Robert Crawford of Frithville, Lincs., who used it for ploughing until 1957. It was first used with only its turret removed, later the upper hull was cut off. The bulkhead and part of the rear hull were left in place. The rear hull supports the ploughing attachments and exhaust stacks for the GM 6046 twin diesel engine. The Sherman tractor was left outside until 1984, when it was restored for demonstration at the world ploughing contest in Lincolnshire. 

Jon pictured it in 2000 at a Vintage Machinery Working Day event held in Lincolnshire. It hauled a deep furrow Fowler plough implement up and down the field.

Rotinoff bulldozer
Source: SOLDIER magazine, 1953
Among the companies that did conversions were Rotinoff Construction Ltd of Poyle, Buckinghamshire. 
This company marketed a simple bulldozer conversion on the basis of a turretless M4A2 Sherman tank.

VIckers Shervick
Source: André Flener
Vickers built the Shervick tractor from Sherman components. It used the gearbox/differential/final drives, bogies, tracks and a single GM diesel engine (as used in a twin set-up in the M4A2).
They were intended for logging in West Africa, but in May 1995 André Flener discovered a survivor at a scrap yard in Oostende, Belgium, of all places. In november 2000 it was still there.
The top of the radiator bears a cast-iron "Shervick" sign. 

Soviet Union

United States of America


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