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Links: Surviving Shermans 

When the Sherman Register database passed the 1,000 records mark, I made a breakdown of the database files and listed them by type and by country. Have a look at the Sherman Register Statistics, to get an idea of what can be found where. In fact, thanks to George Bradford, these were the first Sherman Register web pages.

Below follows a listing of links to interesting web pages displaying surviving Shermans and related AFVs on display around the world.

Note: in some cases I have chosen to display images in thumbnail style when the original is not accompanied by any explanatory text or when it is difficult to find. This in not an infringement of copyright, as the thumbnails are directly linked to the image at its original location. Click on the thumbnail image to view the full-size original or follow the link to the source site.


Douglas Greville's Heavy Metal Gallery has a fine selection of photographs of M3 medium tanks preserved - in the broadest sense of the word - in Australia: 

  • M3-series Lees and Grants
  • M3 Lee "Lulubelle" - star of the 1995 remake of the movie 'Sahara'. Note: as of 2001 this M3 has been sold and traded to the Canadian War Museum at Ottawa, Canada.
  • M3 Lee restoration
  • M3 demilitarisation

  • The Thunder and Steel web site features a number of good photographs of surviving vehicles, including:
  • M3 Grant and variations
  • Sentinel Cruiser Tank
  • Yeramba 25-pdr SP Gun

  • Canada

    After WW-2 quite a number of tanks were converted for use in agriculture, logging, etc. The Swords And Ploughshares Museum at Manotick, Ontario, Canada has two converted Ram tanks. One was converted into a bulldozer, the other one into a snowplow. The latter is shown here: 

  • Ram snowplow

  • China

    The Army Museum at Beijing, China, harbours a surprising number of US-built AFVs, including three members of the Sherman family. The following photos are featured on Brandon Kunicki's site. (Click on the small pictures below to see the full size originals.)
    M4A3(76)W HVSS
    M4A2 with large hatch hull. It used to be on display without a barrel, now it seems a 90 mm (ex-M36?) gun barrel has been substituted.
    M36/M36B2 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage


    France harbours a good many genuine battle veteran tanks, often preserved on the spot where they were put out of action. Some can be found on the site

  • Shermans en France

  • Click on the red dots on the map of France and have a look.


    The Italian web site Ferrea Mole features a page with surviving AFVs in Italy, including Shermans, M10s, M7 Priests and Sextons.

    The Netherlands

    For a restored Ram Kangaroo at Mill, The Netherlands, see

  • Ram Kangaroo Preservation

  • Also of interest is one of the genuine relics of the Overloon tank battle:
  • Sherman M4

  • Philippines

    The Angeles Combat Jeep Owners home page features Jeeps and other MVs in the Philippines, plus a photo of a preserved 

  • M4 with composite hull at the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City, Philippines. 

  • Russia

    The Soviet Union was no exception in using tanks as tractors in peacetime. The Russian Battlefield has a page on Lend-Lease Shermans:

  •  M4 General Sherman 

  • Have a look at the bottom of this page and read more about Shermans that (until quite recently!) were in use as tractors for reconstructing railway lines. One of them is preserved the the Central Museum for the Armed Forces at Moscow.

    The Russian Battlefield's Preserved in Museums page lists a number of photo's of AFVs on display in Russia. Visit the US AFVs page to view about two dozen pictures of  two Shermans and a turret at a museum at Snegiri.


    The largest private collection of tanks is located in, you guessed it, the USA. Jacques Littlefield's collection at Portola Valley, CA, is known as the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation
    Bob Moore went to see this collection and took photos of the Sherman family members found there. Have a look at Bob's Miscellaneous Armor Pics for pictures of the AFVs in this amazing collection. 

    In the early 1980s Portugal finally sold off their surplus Sexton 25 pdr SPGs and Grizzly tanks. Forty-seven Sextons ended up at SouthEastern Equipment Company, a US-based firm specialized in converting redundant AFVs into tracked vehicles for the logging industry.
    Fifteen of these Sexton's are still for sale - see
  • Sexton page 

  • for some more details, or 
  • Joe DeMarco's pictures of March 2000.

  • Joe DeMarco sent in some fine shots of preserved Shermans at the
  • Anniston Army Depot, AL, USA.