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Links: On-line references

The following links are all part of the web sites mentioned elsewhere. I have listed them separately for ease of access (followed by the main page of the site between brackets).

as built:

  • Tank, Cruiser, Ram (Steel Chariots); The Canadian Ram Cruiser Tank (Maple Leaf Up!); Canadian Medium Tank "Ram" and "Kangaroo" (AFV Interiors)
  • US/British M3 Medium Tank, "Grant" (AFV Interiors)
  • Grizzly Medium Tank (Canadian Tracks)
  • M10 3in. GMC (On Armour); US 3-Inch Gun Motor Carriage, M10 & 17Pdr M10 SP "Achilles" (AFV Interiors)
  • US M32 Recovery Vehicle (AFV Interiors)
  • M74 TRV (REME Museum of Technology)

  • as modified:

  • Canadian Medium Tank "Ram" and "Kangaroo" (AFV Interiors); Ram Kangaroo Preservation (Maple Leaf Up!)
  • Sherman BARV (REME Museum of Technology)
  • US/British Sherman Duplex Drive Tank (AFV Interiors)
  • M10 17pdr. SP Gun ("Achilles IIC") (On Armour); US 3-Inch Gun Motor Carriage, M10 & 17Pdr M10 SP "Achilles" (AFV Interiors)
  • Israeli Trail Blazer Armoured Engineer Vehicle: photo page 1, page 2 and page 3 (Armoured Engineer) and Thomas Antonsen's page
  • Israeli Sherman Kilshon (Sentinel)

  • as used:

    in Australian service: 

  • Paul D. Handel, The US M3 Medium Series in Australia. Part One - Gun Tanks(Anzac Steel)
  • Paul D. Handel, The US M3 Medium Series in Australia. Part Two - Variants(Anzac Steel)
  • in Canadian service: 

  • Ram Kangaroo: this vehicle was used extensively by the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment
  • WWII Shermans (Canadian Tracks)
  • Postwar Shermans (Canadian Tracks)
  • in Soviet service: 

  • M3 Lee (The Russian Battlefield)
  • M4A2 and M4A2(76)W Sherman (The Russian Battlefield)
  • M10 GMC (The Russian Battlefield)
  • in Greek service: 

  • M32-series TRVs (The Trackhead)

  • Online source material

    Search these databases for source material such as pictures, tanker's experiences etc.

  • Australian War Memorial Photograph Database

  • "Search over 200,000 photographs by keyword, colour, conflict, or neg number" - more than hundred of these feature Grant and Lee tanks.

  • Hulton Getty

  • This photograph database contains many pictures of tanks, including quite a lot of Shermans, and even some Sexton SPGs.

  • U.S. Army Signal Corps Photograph Collection

  • "The U.S. Army Signal Corps Photograph Collection (SCC) includes more than 3,500 photographs from the Virginia Hampton Roads Embarkation Series, 1942-1946. This project provides a keyword searchable database, with links to the JPEG images of the photographs."

  • WW II Oral History Web Site

  • Many stories by veterans, including (Sherman) tanker's experiences.