Battle of Normandy Museum This superb museum has changed in 2005 - read the story here.
Battlefield Tourism Information abut how to visit battlefields, worldwide. 
Ardennes Battlefields Articles about the Battle of the Bulge battlefields in Belgium 1944-45.
Arnhem Battlefields Articles about the battlefields of Operation Market Garden: September 1944. Major update - September 2005.
Arnhem + 60 Photos and a report of my visit to Arnhem for the 60th Anniversary. 
D Day + 60 Photos and an account of my recent visit to Normandy on 6th June.
Normandy Battlefields Articles about the fighting in Normandy from D Day to Falaise, June-August 1944.  
Normandy Cemeteries American, British and German cemeteries in Normandy.
British Divisions 1939-45 Order of Battle of British Army Divisions in WW2. 
British Units in Normandy Unit histories of British regiments in Normandy June-August 1944.
Italian Battlefields Battlefields of the Italian Campaign 1943-45; Sicily to Cassino to the Gothic Line and River Po.  
Book Reviews Reviews of some of the latest books and publications on WW2. 
Battlefield Tours Tour operators who offer tours to the battlefields of WW2.
WW2 Veteran Pages Pages connected with and devoted to veterans of WW2. 
WW2 Research New Research Service for those wishing to trace soldiers who died in WW2.
Tracing WW2 Soldiers Guide to tracing your relatives who fought with the British Army in WW2. 
Links Links to sites of WW2 interest. 
Eurotunnel Battlefield Guide Review of the free guidebook to the battlefields and how to get one.
Combat Mission Pages devoted to the WW2 computer wargame, Combat Mission.
WW2 Battlefields Forum Battlefields of WW2 is happy to support and endorse the new World War Two Forum. NEW FORUM!
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