This museum originally opened many years under the guidance of Jean-Pierre Benamou, a local author and historian, and covered the fighting in Normandy from D Day through to Falaise. This museum closed in 2005 and M. Benamou moved his collection out and hopes to re-open in a new location soon.

The new museum follows a 'modern' approach and now very much focuses on the role of the Americans in the liberation of Normandy. The museum was still under development when I visited in August 2006, but I must say I was disappointed compared to what was there; but it would nevertheless be a useful visit if this was your first time in Normandy.

Opening times are 0930 - 1830 (up to 30th September) and then 1000 - 1230 and 1400 - 1800 between 1st October and 30th April.

Admission in 2006 was 6.5€ for adults, students/children 10+ was 3€ and children under 10 go free. The museum is part of the Museum Pass scheme.

Contact details are:

Musée Mémorial de la Bataille de Normandie
Boulevard Fabian Ware
14400 Bayeux

Tel: 02 31 51 46 90.  Fax: 02 31 51 46 91.
[email protected] 



Photos of some of the tanks outside the museum.

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M4 Sherman Churchill Crocodile M10 TD Hetzer

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