This part of the site will be dedicated to the veterans of the epic struggle that was the Second World War. It will feature first hand accounts of conflict, photos and images from veterans personal albums, photos of veterans visiting the battlefields and other material that falls outside the other areas of the website.

As such, contributions are most welcome!

Email: Paul Reed


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Return to Normandy: Frank Harris, an RAF veteran of 2nd TAF,  returns to the places he served in 1944. 

Return to Cassino: Stan Scislowski, who served in Italy with the Perth Regiment, recounts his return to the Italian battlefields in 1975. 
moro02.JPG (57726 bytes) A Visit to Moro River War Cemetery: Stan Scislowski recounts his visit to this Canadian war cemetery in Italy in the 1970s.
john08.JPG (78281 bytes) Return to Italy - Cassino to Faenza: John Dray, a veteran of the Italian Campaign, returns to the battlefields where he fought in 1944. 


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