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T-34/76 Model 1942/43 of 30th Guards Tank Brigade entering Krasnoye Selo near Leningrad, January 1944.

"Ivan built up its strength with incredible speed. A pocket with insignificant numbers of Russians at dusk, were a battalion in well prepared defence positions at dawn the day after. Then - at the last moment - the "Za Rodinu!" could be heard as Ivans poored out of the fog, shoulder by shoulder, wave after wave. We shot them down in heaps, but there were always more and more of them who stormed the field." 

- Memories of an unknown German soldier.


Red News - Red Steel's "Newspaper" with latest updates & additional info.
Red Steel Discussion Forum - Meet other Soviet armor-buff's here. Not only panzers please!
Tank Park - The Red Steel armored profiles section!
TSAR - The Soviet Armored Rarities - Ever heard of T-34 light tank, PT-1 amphib tank, etc? Here are such goodies!
Lend/Lease -"To Russia with Love"  - Tanks, half-tracks, armored cars and lorries received by the Western allies.
TO&E - Tables of Organization & Equipment. Structures of Soviet Tank units in WW2.
Early tanks in the Red Army - Gallery displaying early Soviet tanks & prototypes from early 1920's.
Soviet tanks in Finnish service - Captured Soviet tanks used by the Finnish Army 1939-1944.
Soviet tanks in German service   - Captured Soviet tanks used by the German Army 1941-1945.
German tanks in Soviet service - Captured German tanks used by the Red Army 1941-1945.
Soviet AFV Exports - Section about Soviet AFVs exported to other countries.
Red Square - Reviews and additional articles.
Soviet Military Modelling - Red Steel's modelling section. Currently under construction !
Tankograd - Gallery with photos of Soviet tanks on the assembly lines.
Horrors for a tank crew - Gallery displaying knocked out Soviet tanks from 1939-1945.
Tank Gallery - Gallery containing additional photos of Soviet tanks.
Axvall Armor Museum - A brief description of the Swedish Armor Museum at Axvall, Sweden.
Swedish ArmorHistorical Society - Read more about Swedish ArmorHistorical Society (SPHF).
Site Map - A complete list of everything you are able to find on Red Steel website!
Reference - The books/videos I have used that made this website possible.
Military Links HQ - Here you will find links to related sites with great content only!
Red Devils - The Russian "Panzer" aces! There were Russian tankaces too :-)
Red Dogs - Gallery with facts about Soviet military leaders such as Zhukov and Koniev.
TNT (Trucks 'N' Tractors) - Section describing the Red Army's Trucks and Tractors.
Auxiliary Equipment - Jeeps, artillery and rocketlaunchers.
Guns & Ammo - Charts of Guns and Ammo used by the Red Army 1939-1945. Mostly tank guns!
Soviet WWII Military Museums - Section with little info and some photos from various Soviet military museums.
Preserved Soviet tanks - Gallery with info on preserved Soviet tanks around the world.

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