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If you would like to send us some text or if you have a photo that you have scanned, you can simply attach the text files and graphics to E-mail. Text files are preferable to MS Word documents as the special characters embedded in MS Word documents sometimes don't get transferred very well over the Internet. The best method is to cut and paste the text directly into E-mail. Graphic files are best sent in either ".jpg" or ".gif" formats.

The Destroyers Online "Crew"

Mark Roberts is handling the Brooke & Knox class Frigates. (Mark is also responsible for the General Administration of Destroyers Online.)

The Fletcher class is being handled by Brad Davis.

From the Wardroom, Dave Seay (LCDR-ret) is working with the Sumner Class DD's.

Handling the Charles F. Adams class Destroyers and the Bronstein class Frigates is Jack Atkinson.

In affiliation with Destroyers Online, Rich Angelini will be handling the Benson and Bristol class Destroyers.

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During our recent upgrade and reorganization (and computer crashes) we may have lost some E-mail. Sometimes we may lose E-mail simply because we're human. If you have not been responded to within a week then please resubmit your request and "CC'ing" one of the other webmasters probably wouldn't hurt either. We sincerely enjoy this endeavor and hope that we can contribute to a subject we know you hold special too.

Honorable Mention:

Special mention to Tom Smoot for all of his efforts on behalf of Destroyers Online. Tom has an excellent site dedicated to the U.S.S. Walker DD-517

Another member of the team is Len Gordon. Len is also responsible for kicking off a great series of "Sea-Story" E-mails which you can find at the U.S.S. Conyngham (DDG-17) Crews page.

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