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American personages, Cuban personages, Spanish personages 
American Personages:

Lt. Gen. Arthur MacArthur|||Clara Barton ||| John Bell ||| Lt. George Blow

Lt. Thomas Brumby ||| William Jennings Bryan ||| Edgar Rice Burroughs

Captain Charles Clark||| Stephen Crane||| William Crouse

Admiral George Dewey ||| Rear Admiral Robley Evans

Capt. Charles Gridley||| William Randolph Hearst

Surgeon Lucien Heneberger ||| Richmond P. Hobson ||| Leroy C. Hooker

Maj. Gen Henry Lawton ||| Maj. Gen Fitzhugh Lee ||| William McKinley

Willard McSherry ||| Maj. Gen. Nelson Miles ||| Daniel Montague, USN

Capt. William "Buckey" O'Neill ||| Gilbert Purdy, USN ||| Father William H. I. Reaney

Frederic Remington ||| Colonel Theodore Roosevelt ||| Rear Admiral Winfield Scott Schley

Maj. Gen William Shafter ||| Capt. Charles D. Sigsbee ||| Mark Twain

Maj. Gen Joseph Wheeler ||| Stewart Woodford

Cuban Personages:

Lt. Col. Nestor Aranguren y Martinez

Brig. Gen. Calixto (Garcia-Iñiguez) Enamorado

Maj. Gen. Calixto Garcia |||  Jose Julian Marti  

Spanish Personages:

 Admiral D. Pascual Cervera(in English orSpanish)

Queen Regent Maria Cristina ||| Admiral Patricio Montojo

Capt. General Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau

General Joaquin Vara de Rey ||| Capitan de Navio Fernando Villaamil 


Admiral William Sampson

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