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Formed at HopuHopu Camp as part of 6 Infantry Brigade, Third Echelon, 2NZEF, on 31 January 1940. Moved in May 1940 to Papakura Camp. Sailed from Wellington, 27 August 1940 on Mauretania; transferred to Ormonde at Bombay. Onboard conditions were so bad there was a mutiny, eventually reconciled by tossing tainted meat overboard and allowing men to sleep on deck. Arrived Maadi Camp September 1940. When leaving for Greece, the Regiment consisted of 29 Battery (A, B, C Troops) and 30 Battery (D, E, F Troops) but this was reorganised into a three-battery structure in August 1941 following the Greece and Crete campaigns. The Sixth Field Regiment took part in every campaign from Greece to Trieste, usually in support of 6 Brigade. The Regiment was disbanded on 28 January 1946.

Commanding Officers:

LtCol CE WeirJan 1940 - Dec 1941
LtCol CL WalterDec 1941 - Nov 1943
LtCol HE GilbertNov 1943 - Apr 1944
LtCol ET Kensington  Apr 1944 - Aug 1944
LtCol WD PhilpAug 1944 - Nov 1944
LtCol GP CadeNov 1944 - Mar 1945
LtCol SW NicholsonMar 1945 - May 1945
LtCol AA AngellMay 1945 - Jan 1946

Original RSM: WO1 L Mossong
Original strength: 661


Attached units:
  • RHQ
  • 29 Bty (A and C Troops)
  • 30 Bty (D and F Troops)
  • 48 Bty (B and E Troops)
  • 18 Light Aid Detachment (1 Officer, 13 ORs)
  • G Section, 2 NZ Divisional Signals

Main engagements:
  • Egypt
  • Greece
  • Crete
  • Syria
  • Minqar Qaim
  • Tripoli
  • Alamein
  • Italy
  • Tunisia
E Tp 30 Bty
E Tp 30 Bty 6 Fd Regt Command Post Staff, October 1944
Gnrs Higgins, Hunter, Troy, Sgt Webster, Lt Baron, Lt Wright (GPO)

Personal accounts:

Regimental Progress:

The following pages chart the progress of the Sixth Field Regiment, New Zealand Artillery, from its formation in 1940 to its move from Aleppo to Laboue. Written by members of the 6th Field, this account is reproduced here with permission from the Unit Historian, Mr ITY Johnston. You can move between the pages using the text links or by clicking on the green arrows, and , and return to this page using .

"Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War"
"The Trail of the Black Diamond" by RD Munro
Brig LW Wright

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