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28 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment

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Formed 1942 from two heavy AA regiments in Auckland and Wellington and from recruits from field artillery, engineer, infantry and ASC units throughout New Zealand.

Commander: LtCol WS McKinnon

  • Regimental Headquarters
  • 202nd Bty    Commander: Maj EM Luxford
  • 204th Bty    Commander: Capt BS Cole
    • F Troop   There was no other troop
  • workshops
  • section signals

The main role was in the defence of airfields. The regiment left New Zealand for New Caledonia in November 1942 on the US army transport, Maui.

F Troop later came under the command of the 33rd Heavy Regiment; the 28th Regiment took command of 203rd Bty and 208th Bty of the 29th Light AA Regiment.

The Regiment was disbanded after 12 months.

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