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29 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

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Formed August 1942 at Pautahanui, the 29th Regiment was the first light anti-aircraft regiment formed in New Zealand for overseas service (the 14th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment had been formed in the Middle East).

Original Commander: Maj FM Yendell

Originally each battery had three troops of four 40-mm Bofors guns each but this was changed in 1943 to four troops of three guns each.

  • Regimental Headquarters
  • 203rd Bty (later administered by 28th Regt)   Commander: Maj HGStV Beechey
  • 207th Bty
    • A Troop
    • B Troop
    • C Troop
    • D Troop
  • 208th Bty
    • E Troop
    • F Troop
    • G Troop
    • H Troop
  • 209th Bty
    • I Troop
    • K Troop
    • L Troop
    • M Troop
  • 214th Bty
    • N Troop
    • O Troop
    • P Troop
    • R Troop
  • workshops
  • X Section, 3 NZ Divisional Signals
Strength: over 1000 all ranks.

Soon after formation, 207 Bty and 208 Bty lost one troop each to the new 215th Composite Battery which left for Norfolk Island and did not return to the Regiment until 1943. The rest of the Regiment left for New Caledonia a month later where it became widely distributed. Performed both static aerodrome defence and mobile defence, with batteries alternating in these duties. In the later months of 1943, the 29th Regiment was strengthened by many of the men from the disbanded 28th Regiment, and they left New Caledonia for Guadalcanal. The enemy was engaged at Vella Lavella.


  • Vella Lavella
  • Treasury Island
  • Green Island

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