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Newsletter No. 125 March 2005

Last Post

Tom SG Morgan 8 December 2004, Auckland
Harry Fantham13 October 2004, Christchurch
Stu WillettsMarch 2005, Hamilton
Alan Nixey 18 March 2005, Papakura

New Members

Chris Turver, Hugh Vercoe, Les Stratford, Lee Hughes, Alex Dove, Huia Ockwell.

Most Important

  1. Office of President. You may be aware that our President, Bob Blankley, is to stand down from July 2005 due to an extended overseas trip to visit family. So from July we will need a new President, I know that you should never volunteer but I cannot do this job on my own. Who is going to put their name forward? I know it won't be Grant Box because he will not volunteer any more. When Bob Wirihana asked some very new subalterns on the rifle range if any one had a driver's licence Grant, thinking he was getting a driving job, whipped his hand into the air and was told �Fine, now drive yourself up that hill and get the red range flag.�
  2. Reunion 2005 will be in Palmerston North weekend 18, 19, 20 November.

God bless you all and have a great year.

Graeme (Jack) Black Return to top

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