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1760  Runaway Wives    As a British colony, New Jersey was subject to English Common Law and its women, especially married women, were subject to the limitation of rights familiar to women in England.

1770   Gravestone  for the Infant Children of Isaac and Hannah Arnett.

1800   Letter from Gavin Scott of Elizabethtown to his brother in Alnwich, England, 1800. 

1828  The Manumission of Ann and Rufus Johnson.   Ann and Rufus Johnson were 14 and 15 years old respectively when New Jersey enacted gradual manumission in 1804.

1845  The Lincoln Children, a portrait painted by Susan Waters.

1866  Lily Martin Spencer (1822-1902) painting, "War Spirit at Home," one of the most popular paintings of the mid-19th century.

1869   Strawberry Fields, Burlington County, 1869, a Harper's Weekly newspaper illustration. 

1878   Cranberry Bog, Ocean County Pickers at Work; a newspaper illustration from Harper's Weekly, November 10, 1878. 

1885   Morris Canal Workers, 1885, an illustration from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper

c. 1910   Marietta Boggio Botto and her family, c. 1910. 

1913   Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Remembers the Paterson Silk Strike. Flynn recalls strike assemblies and women's meetings, 1913. 

1917  Delivery room at Newark  After World War I, especially in urban areas, pregnant women increasingly opted for giving birth under the care of a female or male physician in a hospital, rather than at home attended by a midwife or family doctor.

1921   Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878-1972), an expert in scientific management. 

1926   Strikers' Children's Kitchen, Passaic, 1926. Photograph of children outside a relief kitchen during the Passaic woolen strike. 

c. 1927   Nellie Morrow Parker (1902-), the first African American school teacher in Bergen County.  

1942   World War II Ration Book and Stamps, 1942.

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