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11 Feb 00
The Windsor Carrier
The Windsor Carrier was a late-war unit produced in a single batch of 5,000 in 1944-1945. As with the American T-16, it was designed for towing trailers and light anti-tank guns, the extra bogie wheel providing more stability than in the original carrier design.
Although it bears some similarity to the T-16 in terms of having the extra road wheel on each side, the Windsor still maintained the combination track warp/brake steering of the earlier Universals, for agility.
It was also lengthened noticeably, from the standard 144 inches overall of the Mk.II* / 155 inches overall of the T-16,  to 172 inches overall. A Windsor can be readily identified at a glance by the gap between the two bogie sets on each side.
While stowage and fittings are very similar to the Mk.II*, there were other minor changes, such as the provision for, and inclusion of, roof bows and a tarp for all-weather crew protection. The front fenders and skirts are different, although as will be seen below, there were at least a few - possibly early production numbers - Windsors sporting standard Universal Carrier fenders and skirts.
It becomes obvious on examination that the Windsor would have provided a much more stable towing platform for the 6pdr AT gun, as well as allowing much greater crew comfort. Although I am unaware of any specific shipping records, if they exist at all, it is safe to say that most, if not all of the production run was shipped overseas to replace mechanical and combat losses in frontline units. We are not aware of any Windsors remaining in Canada at this time, although a few exist in the U.K.

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