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Amazon. Blue Guide Turkey by Bernard McDonagh (third edition). The Blue Guide is the definitive—indeed the only—really "smart" guide. Termessos gets six pages and a site map.

Amazon. Classical Turkey by John Freely (Architectural Guides for Travelers). My favorite "short" guide, with maps, site plans, attractive photos and good text—without being a brick.

Amazon. Alexander's Path: A Travel Memoir by Freya Stark. Leisurely exploration of the region, including the best on-the-ground examination of Alexander's route through the region. (The book also includes her Journal of Hellenic Studies article, "Alexander's March from Miletus to Phrygia.") Stark's The Lycian Shore covers Lycia generally.

Travel info

Travel information from Tom Brosnahan's Turkey Travel Planner. Not much here, but the enclosing site looks good., a tour and travel agency. None of the button work.

Frommer's: Telmessos. Good short introduction.

Tour operators

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great by Peter Sommer Travels. 19-day tour of Turkey with marked historical credibility.

"Home of Empires, Heroes, and Saints" 20-day study tour designed for college students and members of the Univesity of New Brunswick community. Run by professors Michael J. Mills and James S. Murray.

"Origins of Civilization," a "19-day adventure" from the International Nature and Cultural Adventures.

"History and Humus" tour from Adventure Center. They have thing on Termessus, but it's a good name, isn't it?

Midas Tours: Battlefield and Historical Tours Eight-day tour goes from Istanbul to Termessus. It seems a little unfocused, with a lazy day in Kas, and a trip to Sardis and Selçuk. The tour is led by Stephen McCotter,Queen's University, Belfast.


Hotel Villa Lapin on the Manavgat River near Termessos. Hoteliers Kira and Hasan have assembled some pictures, including a nice one of Termessus.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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