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Tom's Big Fat Turkey Trip by Thomas G. Hines, Excellent description:

"A wonderfully overgrown archeological site with the remnants of ancient buildings and monuments around every turn. Imagine a lost city, high in the Colorado Mountains, with cool breezes, the smell of pine forests, and spectacular views of the valley below. And if you search long enough, you will find the most spectacularly positioned and well preserved theatre I have come across in all my travels."
And the important caution:
"The self-guided tour is at least a two-hour (4 hours recommended), strenuous walk - much of it uphill. There are no facilities - no kiosks with water and souvenir books. It is just you and the mountain and a lost city."

Robert Peterson's travelogue with photos:

"In that respect, it reminded me of the mountaintop where Machu Picchu was located, but not quite that beautiful and not quite that high up."

The U.S.S. Maverick an around-the-world ship's travelogue. Flip, fun description of the lair of the "Termessosaurians" ("a name I just made up"):

"…a mountain aerie at about three thousand feet. It feels like something a commune of hippies would have made for a hideout far from the establishment, except that no hippies I ever knew would have undertaken the insane amount of physical labor it would have taken to quarry the limestone for their buildings, hew it into huge, precise blocks, and then haul these by heaven knows what means to awkward and dangerous precipices to be emplaced."

Around the World with Wes and Masami travelogue.

"Those who walked the 9km to the Termessos parking lot didn't look happy to realize that it's another 20 minute steep hike up to the ruins. The Termessians must have been one physically fit population."

Anonymous travelogue.

"The job of a taxi driver along this road must be quite boring, I think our driver was trying to add a little excitement to his job by continually trying to break his nine kilometer speed record."

Cruising sailors Aubrey and Judy with a good description of the theater, and how it differs from Roman theaters.

German-language travelogue by Stefan. Translate

Marc Agterhuis says virtually nothing about the city, but the pics are good (larger if viewed on their own).


Archaeological World in Roman and Greek Period [sic] has some nice pictures. The 162 pictures and 8 minutes of video are pay features.

Dick Osseman's gallery of images from Antalya, Termessos and Perge. The Termessos pictures start on page 4. Osseman has many other Turkey pictures on that site (pbase), and at his personal website.

Intriguing picture of the rock-cut tombs from Meg Morden, Archaeological Adventures.

Four pages of photographs of Termesus. The photos are scholarly (ie., lost of details, no people), and very good. Provided by ArtServe, from the Australian National University.

Ulug M. Unligil's photos (very large)

Gallery of photos by Luc Wouters.

Pictures from the 2003 Fulbright Teacher Exchange by Jesse Southwick.

One large, gorgeous picture by Jack Brauer, Wildrange Photography.

Alikatt's photos.

Yatin Chawathe's pictures.

"Termessos in the clouds" photo by Ingrid van Vliet.

Cem Karan's beautiful photos.

Carl Seaquist, two misty pictures.

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