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About Termessos

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Wiki Classical Dictionary: Termessos. The best history and site description online. Started by yours truly.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Termessus entry by S. Vailhé (1913)

On Edward Forbes (1815-1854) modern discovered of the ruins of Termessus.

Alexander the Great "Pilgrimage Guide" from my favorite Alexander site—excluding my own— This entry written by Nick Welman. Sage advice:

"If you are not on a cramped budget the easiest way is to arrange for a full day taxi tour from Antalya. Taxi's are plenty and the tariffs are fixed. Your driver will wait for you at the car park near Termessos while you hike to the top and back."

Amazon. Alexander's Path: A Travel Memoir by Freya Stark. Leisurely exploration of the region, including the best on-the-ground examination of Alexander's route through the region. (The book also includes her Journal of Hellenic Studies article, "Alexander's March from Miletus to Phrygia.") Stark's The Lycian Shore covers Lycia generally.

Pisidia from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.

General About

Thermessos [sic] from the Turkish Kultur Ministory [sic]; sadly, this is one of the most detailed pages on Termessus.

The Antalya Website has a page on Termessus with three good pictures and a short description, in Turklish.

Brief French description.


Review of Alison E. Cooley's The Afterlife of Inscriptions: Reusing, Rediscovering, Reinventing & Revitalizing Ancient Inscriptions. Reviewed by Stephen Brunet, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 3/25/2002. One of the articles, by Otto van Nijf, discusses the inscriptions of Termessus. Wondering how Termessus got its inscriptions, and what they meant?

"The epigraphic record for Termessos is sufficiently complete and compact that van Nijf has been able to establish that the inscriptions erected in the city were intended solely to represent the interests of the elite and that other social classes were only mentioned when they had negotiated with the elite to a share in the right to set up an inscription."


Wildwinds coins. Nice image. Don't buy coins; it promotes site destruction. Many auctions, many pictures. Don't buy coins; it promotes site destruction.

Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. One image from 30 BC - AD100.


About the Evdir Han, a Seljuk han (way-station) near Termessus. From Katharine Branning's excellent site The Seljuk Han in Anatolia.

Factoids about Turkey by William L. Shackleford, with the factoid that neither Alexander nor the Romans could take it. Alas, although the Romans never "took it," it was certainly part of their empire.

The "titular bishops" of Termessus. Apparently the Catcholic church used the bishopric as an ecclesiastical stepping-stone.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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