Xenophon's, Education of Cyrus

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Amazon. Xenophon's Prince: Republic and Empire in the Cyropaedia by Christopher Nadon (University of California Press blurb).

Reviewed by John Dillery, BMCR 2002.06.10. Faults Nadon for some mischaracterization of other scholar's arguments, but praises it's subtlety and focus on The Education of Cyrus as a "political treatise."

Review of Xenophon's Cyropaedia: Style, Genre and Literary Technique by Deborah Levine Gera, BMCR 94.01.10. Reviewed by Antony G. Keen. (The book is out of print.)

Sources, translations

Amazon. The Education of Cyrus (Agora Editions) by Xenophon, translated by Wayne Ambler (Cornell University Press)

Early passages from Watson and Dale's translation (1880) from Nicholas C. J. Pappas' useful set of Greek history links.

Sources, Greek

Amazon. Oxford edition of the Greek text ("Opera Omnia Expedito Cyri"), edited by E. C. Marchant.

Teubner edition of the Greek text (Commentarii : Institutio Cyri) edited by W. Gemoll and J. Peters.

The Loeb (bilingual Greek/English) edition doesn't seem to have made it onto Amazon, but you can consult the Harvard University Press blurb.

About Xenophon

"Xenophon" in Britannica 11th Edition, by E. M. Walker, John H. Freese.

Related materials

Barbarian Asia and the Greek Experience: From the Archaic Period to the Age of Xenophon (Ancient Society and History) by Pericles Georges. (Johns Hopkins UP blurb)

Review by Antony G. Keen, BMCR 95.10.14.

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