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Amazon. Petra : Lost City of the Ancient World by Christian Auge and Jean-Marie Dentzer. I really like this whole series, with its selections from source material in the back, ample illustrations and photography and pocket size. Well, that's my two-cents-worth.

Amazon. The Lost Civilization of Petra by Udi Levy, introduced by Prince Hassan of Jordan. $45.

Amazon. The Holy Land, Yesterday and Today: Lithographs and Diaries Illustrations by David Roberts, with photographs by Antonio Attini and text by Fabio Bourbon. $42

One Amazon reviewer prefers the much more expensive Amazon. Jerusalem and the Holy Land Rediscovered : The Prints of David Roberts (1796-1864).


Amazon. Ancient Mysteries - The Hidden City of Petra (1995). Devastating single review at Amazon:

This is not of the quality I had hoped. Might be worth seeing for the relatively few pictures of a few of the major remains in this odd Hellenic-Roman city used in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Obviously this was scripted and shot without any research.

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