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Angus McIntyre's Petra Site. Includes dozens of beautiful images and a clickable map of the city. Arguably the best images on the net. See also his Jerash.

Panorama Productions Petra Tour. Some of the nicest images on the web, arranged in a nice vertical scroll that reads better than a page of thumbnails. Warning: Large images. They have a number of other Jordan Tours.

Favorite Images of Petra by Leigh-Ann Bedal, archaeologist at Petra. See her homepage also.

Paul and Monique's Travel Photos Earth. The site is frame-based, so deep-linking is hampered. Navigate to see their excellent pictures of Petra and other Middle East locations. Also includes travelogues in Dutch.

Weathering of the Khazneh, a comparison of Robert's lithograph with modern photos, from Petra Travelogue by C.M. Tam.

Images of Petra by Terrence Cooney. Thumbnails with links to larger versions. See also his images of Jordan and Jerash.

Web Archive: Petra, the Drama of History from Sami Shalabi. Includes four nice pictures and some text. The Movie Clip seems to be broken.

Images Aquarone: Textless Images. The images are for sale, but unlike most such sites, they don't slap big labels on everything.

Petra, The Capital of the Nabataeans. Five good photos. Created by Pere Mayol de Tord. Also available in Catalan. (The author wanted me to include a "what is Catalan?" link.)

Large, fuzzy images, attractively presented from Roland Wuillemin (in French).

Good images, particularly of the Siq, very poorly laid out by Rachel Peterson and Roger Bird.

A dozen less-than-perfect images .

David Roberts Lithographs

Amazon. The Holy Land, Yesterday and Today: Lithographs and Diaries Illustrations by David Roberts, with photographs by Antonio Attini and text by Fabio Bourbon.

Web Archive: David Roberts' lithographs from Petra Fine Art, who want you to buy the originals from them. They used to give lots of images, but now there are just three. Too bad. Site includes some other images from David Robert's other Middle-eastern travels.

Amazon. Jerusalem and the Holy Land Rediscovered : The Prints of David Roberts (1796-1864). Preferred by one reviewer, but more expensive.

Tourist Photos

Web Archive: A gallery of nice photos from Petra by Wesam Al-Issa.

Photos from Petra by Albrecht Schmidt. Click-to-enlarge tourist images.

Zev Handel's travel pictures. Good images, particularly if you like Zev Handel. See his journal.

Large "Free" Picture with a large smudge and some large tourists in the foreground, gratis. Courtesy the "TravelPlan for Windows" software program.

Other images

Satellite images of Petra from JPL, NASA.

Virtual Sand. Zoom in on a sample of sand from Petra (?!) from the Sand Website Homepage.

Wide-angle view of the Sinai, including parts of eastern Egypt and southern Jordan. Taken by Apollo 7.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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