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Travel Journals

"A Long, Beautiful Day at Petra" Images and text from Andy's Carvin's 1996 mideast travel journal. Also check out his beautiful (and ultimately gripping) Anatolian Fortnight journal.

Petra Travelogue by C.M. Tam. Her Overview of Petra has some interesting images, including a Rare view of the Khazneh from above and the Weathering of the Khazneh, a comparison of Robert's lithograph with modern photos.

"Desert Storm" by Chris Mitchell. During "many drunken evenings" the author saw a Sisters of Mercy video filmed in Petra, decided to go there, and wrote about it. Entertaining.

Hippo's Travels. Brief page with nice design. I like her explanation for the site, "Her reality is a crashing bore. But if she can transform it in the act of writing about it, she can get through another day on this lonesome planet." I also enjoyed her

Discovering Petra by Maxine Rose Schur for Salon. Reads like a travel journal.

Three days in Petra, from the travel journal of Rusty Brooks. (mirror )

Travel Journal by Zev Handel. The text is Spartan, but the images are good.

Newspaper Tourism Articles

"Mysterious marvels in Jordan's ancient city of Petra" by Betsy Hiel for the Toledo Blade, February 1999. Detailed and serious text.

"The Magic and Mystery of Petra" by Phyllis Meras for the Boston Globe, February 1998. Good text, but the images have been stripped out.

Discovering Petra by Maxine Rose Schur for Salon. Reads like a travel journal.

"Petra: Jordan's Ancient and Mysterious Treasure" short article by Grace Housholder for the The News-Sun, Kendallville, IN.

More General Travel Information

Amazon. Lonely Planet Jordan (Travel Guides) by Paul Greenway, Damien Simonis.

Lonely Planet. Good introductory information.

CIA World Factbook: Jordan.

Tour and Travel Agencies

Petra Tours. Established company with a nice website.

Petra Moon, "your gateway to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan," has a number of photos with text. The hosting, however, is slow. They offer tours.

Nebo Tours. Has an elegant Petra Page. Alas the pictures don't expand.


Amra Palace.

The Nabatean Castle Hotel. Ritzy. Some broken links.

Golden Tulip King's Way (what a name!) has an enteraining site.

Edom Hotel. Broken? The French version seems to work.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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