Economics and Sociology

"Islam and the Medieval Progenitors of Austrian Economics" 1995 conference paper by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Minaret of Freedom Institute. Ibn Khaldun and Murray Rothbard. Khaldun is also mentioned frequently in the author's "An Islamic Perspective on the Wealth of Nations."

Ibn Khaldun and Change by E.G.Matthews, from his unpublished The Rise of the Islamic World

Ibn Khaldun, father of Economics by Ibrahim M. Oweiss. There are quite a few pages of this sort. The flaw in their thinking is that Ibn Khaldun can hardly be said to father a discipline whose later developers were ignorant of his efforts. This particularly true with Khaldun, who's theories, though remarkable, were not integrated into Islamic historiography. In any case, there is a tendency to identify as "discoveries" commonplaces understood by people familiar with commerce but ignorant of "economics."

"Islamic political thought: Ibn Khaldun" by R. J. Kilcullen, for a class in political theory at Macquarie University, Australia. Deft analysis, drawn primarily from Mushin Mahdi's Ibn Khaldun's Philosophy of History.

Ibn-Khaldun and Sociology. Brief discussion.

The Acton Institute has a brief page on Khaldun's economic opinions, from In the Liberal Tradition: A Classical Liberal Hall of Fame. See also Imad A. Ahmad's essay on "Islam and Markets".

Web Archive: Ibn Khaldun: The Real Father Of Sociology. Short, forceful text.

Web Archive: Islam and Science: Ibn Khaldun . Emphasizes his contribution to economics.

Discussion of Ibn Khaldun and sociology from Islam Online.

"Ibn Khaldun's Civil Society" by Maverick F. Fisher. Midterm paper compares the views of Khaldun and the American political scientist Robert Putnam for a class studying civil society at UT, Austin.

Web Archive: "Ibn Jaldun: El Primer Sociplogo de la Historia"by R.H. Shamsuddin Elia, Instituto Argentino de Cultura Islamica. From a large La Civilizacion del Islam.

Ibn Khaldun, father of Economics by M. Laeeq-ur-Rehman Khan.

Web Archive: "Ibn Khaldun and the Effects of Taxation" by Mark Lovewell, from Understanding Economics (an econ textbook supplement)

From the "History of IPE [Islamic Political Economy] Thought Among Early Writer"using words like "eoistemology."

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Richard Burton on the Web. Everything about the explorer and translator of the 1001 Nights.

Ibn Battuta on the Web. Everything about the great 14th century Muslim traveler.

The Complete Petra. Comprehensive guide to Petra, the "lost" city of Jordan.