Web Biographies

The Encyclopedia of Islam (the scholarly source online). Kudos to Muhammad Hozien for putting this online, together with other entries on Muslim Philosophy.

Amazon. Franz Rosenthal's translation of the Muqaddimah, abridged edition. (Princeton blurb)

Long, detailed biography by university student Muhammad Hozien. Best of all, it has footnotes. Effectively supplants much of the other information on the web. Elegant images interlarded. [Non-graphical mirror ] Hozien runs Islamic Philosophy Online.

Ibn Khaldun (1332-1395 C.E.) by Dr. A. Zahoor. Medium-length biography written from a Islamic standpoint. Includes a short list of references. (Mirrored here and here.)

Web Archive: Encyclopedia Britannica. High-quality and lengthy.

Encyclopaedia of the Orient entry by Tore Kjeilen. Nicely hyperlinked.

Brief Wikipedia entry.

The Acton Institute's short biography, focusing on his economic thought. They have a number of other "History of Liberty" biographies, including one on Aquinas . The Acton Institute, named after the smart and courageous19th century Catholic historian Lord Acton promotes "a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles."

Web Archive: Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia. Two-paragraphs.

Web Archive: Short biography from the Applied History Research Group, University of Calgary.

Web Archive: Ibn Khaldun: Greatest Arab Historian with a Remarkable Life by Martyin Nick, from the glossy magazine AlShindagah (March-April 2003) put out by an UAE conglomerate.

Anonymous, short biography. The same text can be found many other places:

I presume it is lifted from an encyclopedia. A different biography credited to Abdul Rahim Omar is available at InterIslamic Net. It contains a number of phrases identical to the above biography, but of their relation I cannot say. Not surprisingly, it is mirrored somewhere else.

Web Archive: Comptons Encyclopedia. Short.

Web Archive: Discovery school. Brief biography by Roland N. Stromberg.

Columbia Encyclopedia (short)

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

Richard Burton on the Web. Everything about the explorer and translator of the 1001 Nights.

Ibn Battuta on the Web. Everything about the great 14th century Muslim traveler.

The Complete Petra. Comprehensive guide to Petra, the "lost" city of Jordan.