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Kesit Tourism and Hotels' Alanya Directory. No overlap with ALTID. Each hotel has its own page.

Large text directory of Alanya hotels.

Hotel Websites

Hotel Serapsu (5-star).

Club Analtur (4-star)

Welcome to The Alanya Web Site. Comprehensive British directory seems broken.

Grand Blue Star (4-star)

Gardenia Beach Hotel and Otel Gardenia (3-star). Lots of images.

Gunes Hotels (3-star). Beach Hotel, House Hotel, Garden Club, Oba Gunes Hotel, Tropical Club.

Yetkin Hotel(3-star). Lots of images.

Blue Sky Hotel (3-star). Images are crisp, but something seems wrong with their javascript.

Kayha Hotel (3-star). When I visited they had a 50%-off promotion for the first 1,000 to book by the internet. Nice site. The hotel seems to include a hamam of sorts.

Panorama Hotel (3-star). Lots of crisp images, except the intro image which skillfully blurs all of Alanya except their hotel.

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