'Great War Great Escapes'

Giving the Enemy the Slip

a type of photograph beloved of German propaganda
Allied soldiers of different nationalities and ethnicities in captivity


The present day generation has grown up with tales of daring escapes made during the Second World War : Colditz, Von Ryan's Express and the Great Escape are all well known from television and the movies. During the Great War captured soldiers and officers did not always accept capture with resignation either. Many escaped (or attempted to) and made their way back to their own countries to join in the fray once again. In fact, Allied soldiers for one, had a veritable smorgasbord of destinations to choose from : Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland were all neutral and once across these borders, escaped soldiers were home free.

The following texts are all true accounts written by escapees or those who at least gave it their best shot.


True Wartime Accounts

Notre Evasion (French text)
l'Evasion de Gilbert (French text)

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