Philip Gibbs
1877 - 1962
Fleet Street's Finest War Correspondent

Five Years on the Western Front

two war-time portraits of Philip Gibbs


Excerpts from Books

'Soul of the War' 1915

'Belgian Army and Refugees in Dunkirk 1914'
'Paris at War 1'
'Paris at War 2'
'A British Reporter at Furnes '
'English Volunteer Hospital'
'Soldiers of France'
'The Men in Khaki'
'The Story of the Zouave'
'Press Opinions'

'Now It Can be Told' 1920

'A British Reporter Visits Vermelles'
'A British Reporter Visits Ypres in 1915'

'The Battles of the Somme' 1917

'An Introduction - My Story of the War So Far'
'A British Reporter Describes the First Day of the Somme'
'The German Side of the Somme'

'Newspaper Dispatches and Magazine Articles'

'The Great March Offensive of 1918'
'The Coming of the Tanks'
'The Beginning and the End of the War'
'Dispatches from 1914'
'The Liberation of Lille and Valenciennes 1918'
Drum-Fire of 2,000 British Guns
The War Bells of Christmas

War Time Memoirs

'Adventures in Journalism'

Books by Philip Gibbs

'Soul of the War'
'Now It Can Be Told'

A French Language Article

La Prise de Dixmude

See also Bibliography of Old and Modern Great War Books

left :Sir Philip Gibbs in the late 1940's
right : interviewing the Pope - an illustration by F. Matania



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