'the Times History and Encyclopedia of the War'


a Weekly History of the Great War

several cover pages - larger versions see below


'The Times History and Encyclopedia and History of the War' was a weekly publication by one of Great Britian's most reknowned and respected publishers. A serial publication, by the war's end in 1918, it comprised 21 volumes, each containing more than 500 pages of text and photographs. This amounts to some 10 000 pages of reliable, detailed and very scholarly pages of one of the most thorough and vast serial histories of the Great War.

Weekly issues were 40 pages long, not counting the 4 coverpages which were removed when the volumes were bound together. Most weekly issues were comprised of one or more distinct subjects, which could be anything at all conceivable having to do with the war, from battles, engagements, political commentaries, economic, scientific, technological or medical matters, sociological, artistic, litterary and cultural issues and anything else besides.

Though a British publication, it was more or less free from the more obvious patriotic shortcomings of other British publications and strove to achieve some manner of more or less detached impartiality. Each issue was illustrated with a wealth of very interesting and accurately cationed photographs and to a lesser degree of illustrations and paintings by the more academic type of illustrators such as Fortunino Matania.


two outside coverpages

left : British troops at St. Eloi
right : French soldiers waiting to attack in a Verdun trench



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