NARWA 1944

TITLE: Narwa
TYPE: Allied Attack
DATE: 17th February 1944
LOCATION: Near Narwa
WEATHER: Snow, Cold
WIND: SSE Breeze
TURNS: 30+

BACKGROUND: The Soviet's Winter Offensive of 1943/44 had forced the Germans on the Baltic coast to withdraw to the river Narwa. The Germans maintained a bridgehead to east of the city of the same name, while the Soviets had a similar bridgehead on the German side of the river. 

From here the Soviets controlled the main rail link from Narwa to the West and their troops threatened the Rollbahn (main highway) that was the main supply route into the German held salient. However, in February 1944 the German troops dug in defending the approaches to this rollbahn were reinforced by Tigers from 502nd Heavy Tank Battalion.

Some tanks from the 2nd Company were positioned close to the Kinderheim, a small hill serving as the local HQ and a good place for FOOs. The other German defences were strung between the remains of some dwellings, the village of Lembitu and a farmhouse.

The scenario depicts the Soviet assault on the German positions, and is best played as German player against AI, but can also be played as Soviets vs. AI.

REFERENCE: 'Rapid Fire! Third Supplement: Scenarios for the Russian Front 1941-45' By Richard Marsh (Stratagem Publications)

AUTHOR: Paul Reed, Battlefields of WW2 website,


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