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Old Front Line
Battlefields of WW1

This is a web site dedicated to the history and battlefields of the Great War 1914-1918. It aims to provide you with information about the war itself and on how to visit the battlefields in France & Flanders, and Gallipoli - and what to see.

My name is Paul Reed. I am a military historian, author and battlefield guide, with nearly thirty years interest in the Great War, the author of several books (including the best-selling Walking The Somme) and a frequent broadcaster on BBC flagship programmes like Timewatch and My Family At War

For many years I have lived between my house on the battlefields and my home in Britain, and visited and walked every part of the Old Front Line from Flanders to the Vosges.

The site is now more than nine years old, and has developed to include most areas of the Western Front and also Gallipoli. We are also able to offer research into the Great War, and looking to the future I aim to include details of some of the more obscure battlefields; both in France and further afield.

I hope the site has inspired visitors to the battlefields old and new, and as the last of the veterans of the war fade away, the time to remember is even more important.

Lest We Forget...

Paul Reed

Kent, UK & Somme, France

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