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HELLO, and welcome to my personal website (the ultimate vanity)! My name is Paddy Griffith and I am a Military Historian. I have recently moved to Withington, in South Manchester, from Nuneaton in Warwickshire.

    I specialise in the history of Battlefield Tactics in the period since 1789; but I also take in a few other related subjects such as Strategy and the Operational Art; Military Culture, and (as occasional one-offs) a few other periods of military history, such as the Viking wars. I have always been very interested in the way wargames may be a useful adjunct to the serious study of these phenomena, and I also believe that military historians should visit the sites of past battles, whenever they can, not least through membership of the 'Battlefields Trust'.

This website will tell you a bit about my views on military history, and will describe all my books and various related activities:
  1. About myself and my view of Military History.
  2. My writings on Military History: General
  3. French Wars, 1789-1851
  4. The American Civil War
  5. The Great ('First World') War
  6. Wars since 1919
  1. Books Published by Paddy Griffith Associates
  2. Books published by Fieldbooks
  3. Conventional Wargames
  4. Advanced Wargames
  5. Battlefield Visits & Other Activities
  6. Latest Updates

My e-mail address is : [email protected]
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