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Welcome to the 66 WNBC Tribute Pages!

     For too many years, 66 WNBC  has been silent.  The frequency lives on in the incarnation of WFAN, along with things that were WNBC icons, like the Knicks & Rangers and Imus.  A lot of what made WNBC unique,  like the Time Machine, and the top 66 of the year, is now lost in time.

      Thanks to all the people who used to inhabit studio 2-B in 30 Rock and were kind enough to write!  Please... feel free to drop me a line if you have any information!

      And check out the special welcome jingle at the bottom of this page.

- Jim Reed  

bulletSite News:

10/29/2004 - 

Unfortunately, I have had to disable the guestbook posting because of all the spam I have been getting.  I am glad to say that you are welcome to participate in our Yahoo Group.  Visit to join in the discussion.

I know this site does not get a lot of updates anymore, but I enjoy looking at it from time to time, and since I am paying for it, that seems like a fair deal.  I appreciate all of the traffic I get every time someone runs "Private Parts" on TV.  I hope thay you realize that even if the site isn't updated frequently, the content is timeless.

- Jim



eicover.jpg (18357 bytes)Read the chronicle of one of the legendary voices of WNBC, Don Imus.

Written by the creator of this site, Jim Reed, Everything Imus goes in-depth on the Imus vs. Stern Feud and the last days of the mighty 66.


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