The Sounds of 66

Assembled for your listening pleasure are some of the sounds of 66 WNBC I have collected, or found links to. After all, what could be better than listening to 66 WNBC all over again. 

Jingle Notes:
Thank you to JAM Creative Productions  & PAMS Productions for the permission to use their jingles. Having worked with JAM, I can tell you they are the best in the business.  PAMS did the WNBC jingles from 1974 to the late 70's, and JAM picked up doing jingles for WNBC in the 80's. 

TM Jingles are their property.   They are found at TM Century, on the web at 

Most files have been encoded in the RealAudio format.  It provides higher quality audio at lower file sizes.  The player and encoder can both be downloaded for free.  All the RealAudio files have been tested with the latest version of Real Player 7 and play properly.


headphones Heller Jingles! 

6:47 - 1,052kb - Real Audio G2

A Mike Berry Contribution: He says: "The TM tape was called "Design '72" so I assume that it was vintage 1972.The Heller package attached here was produced, I believe in 1969. I believe that it was a package deal for all of the O&Os. WRC got a similar Heller package in 1969. "


headphones Imus welcomes you to a Jam jingle package 

2:30 - 389kb - Real Audio G2

A Mike Berry Contribution:
Imus on JAM, NABET, etc.  Includes Howard Stern, and Casey Casem.


headphones TM Long Song 

1:48 - 241kb - Real Audio G2

A Mike Berry Contribution.
By the end of this, you will know just who is New York.


headphones TM #2 

3:37 - 562kb - Real Audio G2

A Mike Berry Contribution.
I like these for the "samples" of the songs they incorporate in the jingles.


headphones TM #3 

5:44 - 891kb - Real Audio G2

A Mike Berry Contribution.
Part three of the collection of TM Jingles. Includes jingles for Ted Brown and Big Wilson.



1:02 - 163kb - Real Audio G2

A Mike Berry Contribution. He says, "Sorry about the quality on this one from the Fred Silverman era. Management came through the buildings confiscating all the good quality copies."   If you can't be proud, be loud.


headphones Monitor Sounder 

:43 - 114kb - Real Audio G2

A Mike Berry Contribution. He said, "This sounder was used on the weekend Monitor program when stations left or joined the network. The date on this dub was April 6, 1959 and I know that this same sounder was still in use in 1968."


headphones Imus & Jay Black  

3:21 - 450kb - Real Audio

I have acquired a collection of Imus tapes, and I want to share some.  The problem is, most of them are un-scoped, so for now, I am just picking snippets.This Real Audio file is Imus & Jay Black filling in on Norm N. Nite's show.  To add some context, they are coming out of the song "Nose Job" that Imus dedicated to Barbara Streissand.

headphones Wolfman & Imus - New Year's Eve 1973   

1:27 - 181kb - Real Audio

Imus in the Morning and Wolfman Jack manage to work Drugs, Sex, PayoIa and more into less than 90 seconds!  This sounds like it was a network broadcast. 

headphones ReelRadio.Com WNBC - The First 66 Years 

This is a tribute show of the history of WNBC (AKA WEAF and WRCA) that was broadcast on "The Day The Music Died" October 7, 1987 when WNBC became no more. 

headphones 66WNBC Jingle - 80's Version 

:05 seconds - WAV Format  - 150 KB 

This jingle was produced by and copyright JAM Creative Productions, Inc.  JAM did all the WNBC jingles in the 80s, with the exception of some of the Time Machine cuts. Visit them at Thanks for the permission to use their clips. Note: This is the background sound you hear on arrival. 

headphones 66 WNBC Jingle - Mid 70's Version 

:13 seconds - Real Audio Format - 30 KB

"For The Good Times" Includes bridge into song. This jingle was produced by and is copyright  PAMS Productions, Inc. PAMS did the WNBC jingles beginning in 1974 until the late 70s when they stopped using jingles for a while. Visit PAMS online at . 

headphones 101 things to do with a WNBC jingle package 

A really neat page from the Boston Radio Archives.  It starts with what I'll call an 80's traditional top of the hour jingle that was used to transition out of news (The NBC Chimes, a :07 music sting, and then the singers "NBC... 66 WNBC." )  The fun part is it also has clips of the jingle in use, by WNBC and other stations.  A shout out to J.J. West, a friend and former co-worker who you'll hear on the WZON version. (This jingle was produced by and copyright JAM Creative Productions, Inc. Visit them at 

headphones Imus Shout - Early 70's 

:02 seconds - WAV Format - 8KB  

headphones Imus Promo - Circa 1973 

:30 seconds - Real Audio Format - Streaming 
Sound bites from classic characters.

headphones  Stern on WNBC Audio Clip 

From Glen's Radio Page, check out a Real Audio clip 

 headphones  WNBC/WFAN Changeover Airchecks 

This is a site link to the Mid-Atlantic Radio Page

Clickthrough to the Sound Archive and then Format Change Airchecks. There are 2 seperate sound files to listen to. The end of WNBC is about 7 minutes long, the beginning of 66 WFAN is only about 45 seconds.


headphones PAMS "Holiday in Rockefeller Center" jingle! 

:20 - 55kb - Real Audio G2

A Jeff Baker Contribution: He says: "The jingle is a variation of the 'new excitement in Rockefeller Center' jingle the station was using over the top of the hour into NBC Network News. From 1974."

headphones WNBC "It's Christmas Time New York" jingle!

1:06 - 172kb - Real Audio G2

A Ron Turner Contribution: He's not sure of the year, but he knows it's a PAMS jingle. 

The Time Machine Retrospective!  -
This is a great collection for anyone who enjoyed the Time Machine!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Check it out at the Radio Boys site!

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