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Here is a timeline of some important events in the history of the 660 frequency in New York.  Source: Jeff Miller's Broadcasting History Collections unless indicated 

Also visit Gene Garnes History, written by a former WNBC Engineer, and check out the the Historical Links and Top 66 Songs sections as well!

bulletAugust 22, 1922 - WEAF credited with airing first commercial broadcast

bulletJanuary 4, 1923 - WEAF links with another station for first linked broadcast

bulletDecember 6, 1923 - WEAF participates in first Presidential broadcast

bulletFebruary 12, 1924 - WEAF originates first network sponsored broadcast

bulletJuly 1, 1941 - W2XBS issued commercial television broadcast license #1 (later WNBT, WRCA-TV and finally WNBC-TV)
bulletNovember 6, 1946 - WEAF changes to WNBC

bulletOctober 17, 1954 - WNBC becomes WRCA

bulletJune 1, 1960 - WRCA changes back to WNBC

bulletOct. 7, 1988 - WNBC New York - previously WEAF and WRCA - signed off forever to make way for WFAN, all sports radio.
Alan Colmes said the last words on WNBC, ending 66 years of history. His final words "For the last time, this is WNBC. New York."
(Source: NY Times 10/8/88)
bulletOct. 7, 1988 - 6:15pm The first WFAN broadcast, following a station ID was Larry Kenney introducing Don Imus as "The Right Reverend Doctor Billy Sol Hargus".(Source: Aircheck)
bullet1998 - In nine years of radiothons, WFAN has raised over $13 million for the Tomorrows Children's Fund and the CJ Foundation for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is believed to be a record for a radio-thon. (Source:WFAN)


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