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Original Collection
The Dulmage Collection
Composite Collection
Jeff Baker Collection

What a collection we have of stuff for you to look at! Thanks to some marvelous contributors, we have quite the extensive archive of pictures and logos. Jump around and check them all out!

The Original Collection

The start of it all. Some logos I have collected, as well as some contributions from Jeff Roteman. These are all logos, showing peacock history and other NBC type stuff.
The Bill Dulmage Collection

Bill has made some major contributions to the site.  In the collection you will find:
bulletThe logos page.  Over 20 WNBC Logos from the past
bulletPhoto Page 1:  an extensive collection of publicity photos from the 80's. This page includes: Imus, McCord, Roz Frank, Don Criqui, Johnny Dark, Frank Reed and Allen Beebe.
bulletPhoto Page 2: This page includes: Mike Breen, Alan Colmbs, Howard Stern, Joey Reynolds, and the cast of the Time Machine.
bulletPhoto Page 3: This page includes: Joey Reynolds' Team & Soupy's Team, Al Rosenberg, Kevin Metheny and Donna Fiducia.
The Composite Collection
Here's a group of contributions we have gathered together from various fans. Take a look, there is room for your contribution here too!
The Jeff Baker Collection
Jeff has contributed quite a bit to the site, now he adds two fantastic graphics, A great piece of WNBC artwork, and a 1974 coverage map.  He also adds a Cousin Brucie and Dick Summer ad.

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