British/Commonwealth Army Tank Brigade


Tank Establishment of an Army Tank Brigade was:

Total Tanks in an Army Tank Battalion (50 Infantry and 7 Light) 57 Tanks
Total Tanks in an Army Tank Brigade 175 Tanks
Total personnel in an Army Tank Battalion 29 Officers
  484 Other Ranks

WE of an HQ Army Tank Brigade did not authorize Fighting, Recce and Admin Groups as for an Armoured Brigade owing to its different employment - i.e. close infantry support. The equipment of the HQ in armoured fighting vehicles, apart from one armoured command vehicle, varied in kind and number according to circmstances (III/1931/8A/3 wef 4 October 1939). The WE of an Army Tank Battalion was the same as in 1938 (III/1931/33A/2 wef 13 April 1938).

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