British/Commonwealth Tank Brigade


Tank Establishment of a Tank Brigade was now:

Total Tanks in a Tank Battalion
(52 Infantry, 6 C.S. Infantry, 8 AA)
66 Tanks
Total Tanks in a Tank Brigade 202 Tanks
Total Personnel in a Tank Battalion 37 Officers
  588 Other Ranks

From June 1942 Army Tank Brigades were redesignated Tank Brigades on allotment to Mixed Divisions or became Independent Tank Brigades as circumstances required. Brigade HQ was allotted 2 AA armoured cars (WE II/142/2 wef 26 August 1942). Tank Battalion HQ was given a Reconnaissance Troop of 10 scout cars (WE III/33A/5 wef 25 May 1942); and also 8 AA tanks (II/154/1 wef 16 August 1942).

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