British/Commonwealth Armoured Division


(A) Changes approved in February 1945 by the Standardization Conference were not implemented until the end of the campaign in North-West Europe - ie. from 01 May 1945 - as opportunity offered. The armoured reconnaissance regiment (WE II/157/1) became a fourth armoured regiment in an armoured division. The standard armoured brigade (WE II/105/1) in an armoured division was type "A" with an infantry element (type "B" without infantry was independent). Headquarters Armoured Division (WE II/100/4) lost one cruiser tank. The standard anti-tank regiment now had 48 x 17pdr anti-tank guns, and the light anti-aircraft regiment had 36 x 40mm anti-aircraft guns.

(B) Tank Establishment of an Armoured Division Was Now:

HQ Armoured Division 7 Cruiser or Infantry Tanks
2 AA Tanks
7 Tanks (Plus 2 AA Tanks)
HQ Armoured Brigade 7 Cruiser or Infantry Tanks
8 OP Tanks
2 AA Tanks
7 Tanks (Plus 8 OP Tanks and 2 AA Tanks)
Armoured Regiments (4) Each 55 Cruiser or Infantry Tanks
6 CS Tanks
11 Light Tanks
6 AA Tanks
288 Tanks (Plus 24 AA Tanks)
  TOTAL: 302 Tanks (Plus 8 OP Tanks and 28 AA Tanks)

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