British/Commonwealth Armoured Division


Tank Establishment for an Armoured Division was:

HQ Armd Div 3 Light Cruisers
5 Heavy Cruisers
8 Tanks
HQ Armd Bde 6 Light Cruisers
4 Heavy Cruisers
20 Tanks
Light Armd Regt (3) 36 Light Tanks
22 Light Cruisers
174 Tanks
Heavy Armd Regt (3) 26 Light Cruisers
8 C.S. Cruisers
15 Heavy Cruisers
147 Tanks
  Total: 349 Tanks

On 25 May 1939 the Army Council decided that an Armoured Division was to consist of a light armoured brigade and a heavy armoured brigade, each to consist of 3 regiments of tanks. In addition, 1 unarmoured Support Group was to be formed consisting of artillery, engineers and infantry.

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