British/Commonwealth Armoured Division

Changes - For tactical reasons the Brigade Group now became the basic battle formation in the Mediterranean theatre of operations. One of the two armoured brigades was replaced by a motor brigade, and the two brigades were reorganized into Groups with the addition of Royal Artillery units from the Support Group, now abolished, and of Royal Engineer units and Admin Services from division troops. Anti-tank regiments were broken up, and each Royal Horse Artillery or Field Regiment was allotted an anti-tank battery of sixteen (2pdr or 6pdr) guns in addition to its three 25pdr batteries (the 6pdr anti-tank gun was beginning to arrive from the United Kingdom). Light anti-aircraft regiments were also broken up and one battery allotted to each Brigade Group. Divisional Headquarters was allotted a Staff and a Signals organization sufficient to control the Brigade Group, a Headquarters Division Royal Artillery, Headquarters Division Royal Engineers and also workshops and supply echelons.

Tank establishment of an armoured division varied as armoured regiments were being re-equipped with a proportion of American Stuart and Grant tanks. (See Amoured Brigade basic organization Mediterranean Theatre, February 1942)

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