British/Commonwealth Armoured Brigade


Armoured Brigade Groups on the Establishment of Armoured Divisions reverted to Armoured Brigades (with 3 Armoured Regiments and 1 Motor Battalion); Royal Artillery and Royal Engineer elements, also Administrative Services, returned to Divisional Troops wef 24 August 1942 (CRME/76751/SD1a). Independent Armoured Brigade Groups - i.e. those not on the Establishment of Armoured Divisions - remained Brigade Groups as before.

Armoured Regiments were now being equipped with American Sherman tanks as available; and the WE for an Armoured Regiment as authorized by GHQ MEF totalled 52 tanks.


Total Tanks in HQ Armd Bde 8 Shermans
Total Tanks in Armd Regt 52 (Plus 4 AA Tanks)
Total Tanks in Armd Bde (ME) 164 Shermans (Plus 12 AA Tanks


* Personnel in an Armoured Regiment: 54 Officers and 600 Other Ranks.


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