9th U.S. Infantry, Company C

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Favorite Events!

The 9th U.S. Company C's favorite event for 1998 was that held in Fort DeSoto, Florida.  This event had it all - an authentic location, large turn out of Spansih American War re-enactors from all over the U.S., a great, hospitable staff who made sure that everything ran smoothly.

This event was held in June and the heat was very much like what have been experienced by the original Boys of 98' when preparing to go into battle in Cuba.  There was, however, huge amounts of bottled water on hand for the re-enactors, as well as sports drink, etc. throughout the event.  Both lunch and supper were served to participants also.  The battle on both days was also great, and a bigger and better one is planned for 1999.  The tour of the 15 inch rifled mortar pits is absolutely fascinating!

(Left to right) Randy Raper, Barry Hamper and Joe Johnson in Camp

Our favorite event for 1999 to date was the USAWS national event in California.  This event was spectacular as the battle scenario was patterned after the actual assault on San Juan Hill.  To augment the number of troops present to make the attack were several Gatling Guns, and other pieces of period artillery.  A live firing of artillery and the Gatling Guns was also something to see.  The weather was perfect, the food excellent, and being in the company of like-minded men wishing to relive the way of life of the men who fought in this "Splendid Little War" is something that all will remember for many years to come.

"Fighting Joe" Johnson experiments with a "Colt potato digger" machine gun (model 1895).

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