9th U.S. Infantry, Company C

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The members of the 9th U.S. prepared for the march 
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Join an organization that represents the U.S. Regulars during a very critical period in American History! Company C of the Ninth U.S. Infantry represents that famous organization as it was when it took part in both the Spanish American War and the Philippine-American War, including its actions at the now-famous San Juan Hill, outside of Santiago, Cuba.

The re-enactment unit strives for authenticity and accuracy in its various portrayals, which includes both a garrison and field portrayal.The group is a member organization of the USAWS (United Spanish American War Society).

As part of its presentation, the unit recreates the manual of arms, has a mess with historically accurate rations, and also takes part in live-fire demonstrations with period weapons.

The Company C, 9th U.S. Infantry Regiment living history organization usually attends six to eight events per year. The season usually begins with an annual Spring Muster and Drill to break the members back into the unit’s lifestyle after the long winter months. At this event, the members brush up on the manual of arms, camp life, bayonet drill, and the have a live fire qualification for score. The event also includes a skirmish and patrol.

In the month of May, we honor those who have come before us and who we represent today in Memorial Day events such as services and parades. These events are followed in June with the annual "Muster on the Maumee" at Fort Meigs, Ohio. The “Muster” is a time-line event (an event at which many different time periods are represented, with Company C representing its period of the Spanish American and Philippine American Wars). The event managers can be relied upon to provide a great meal Saturday evening for all participants. Company C members look forward to attending the “Muster” each year.

July and August usually present the members with opportunities to recreate history at a variety of local events. The unit usually attends a different new event each year, and if the event appears worthy, it usually return the following year.

The biggest annual event for Company C is held in September at Fort St. Clair, Ohio. This is another time-line event but growing interest in the Spanish American wars has really begun to bring out the crowds. A large recreated battle takes place on the Sunday of the event. The members of Company C particularly like the event since they are treated extremely well by the people running the event. We could not ask for a better event.

Finally, the USAWS’s national event is attended by Company C. This event rotates around the nation and is sponsored by different units each year.  This year’s event (2001) is important to Company C since, it will be co-sponsoring the event in conjunction with our friends (but historical adversaries) in Batallon de Cazadores No. 25 “de la Patria” (25th Rifle Battalion).

By November the unit moves back into its remembrance mode, taking part in various events honoring Veterans Day through parades and services.

Each December, the events for the following year are planned out, based on the wishes of the membership.

If you are interested in obtaining more information or in joining the organization, contact by email, or write:

Charles R. Casada
8515 So. Cowan Road,
Muncie, IN 47302-9127


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Charles Casada, 9th U.S. Infantry, at Fort DeSoto

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