9th U.S. Infantry, Company C


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Goals and Methods:

Each January we set down the list of events we want to attend as a unit.  We plan out our annual Live fire rifle requalification Day, our Training Days, Memorial Day Parade, and have a uniform inspection. We are working toward having a full squad of 13 men, 12 men and 1 Sargent.  All members work both together and individually to achieve the level of authenticity that is compatible with the unit and the individuals goals.  All members have the basic uniform and equipment.  However many wish to go on to obtain the Garrison Uniform, and the Fatigue Uniform (M1884).  When we attend some events we have members that have additional uniforms and equipment so that the following impressions can be witnessed by the public:

1. Regular Army Infantry in Campaign Uniform
2. National Guard or State Militia Infantry in Campaign Uniform
3. Regular Army Infantry in Garrison Uniform
4. Volunteer 1st Cavalry in Campaign Uniform.
We wish to inform the public of the Spanish American War in all respects in a Historically correct manner and dissolve any myths or fallacies. We would like to augment our unit with a collection of Spanish uniforms and equipment also.  It is a goal in 1999/2000 to have Spanish re-enactors with our unit.

This view, taken at Fort Knox of (left to right) Joe Johnson, Matt Ryan and Randy Raper, shows a variety of our uniforms. Joe wears the garrison uniform while Randy sports the campaign uniform.

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